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Global Statistics

CountryTotal CasesNew CasesTotal DeathsNew DeathsTotal RecoveredActive CasesTotal Tests
India 257,486+10,8647,207+261123,848126,4314,774,434
South Africa48,285+2,312998+4624,36422,923920,064
Zambia1,089 7 91217028,236
Malawi438+294 553796,260
Mozambique424+152 12729514,010
Eswatini333+113 2251056,551
Zimbabwe282+34 3424452,985
Botswana40 1 231624,006
Lesotho4   221,515

The number of confirmed cases has surpassed the 7 million mark as 7,091,666 cases were reported after there was an increase by 113,090 new cases.

The death toll is now at 406, 195 after 3,382 new deaths were recorded worldwide.

The USA recorded the highest number of new cases as they recorded 18,905 to bring the total tally to 2,007,449 cases. 

Brazil recorded the highest number of new deaths with 542 cases reported and the death toll is now at 37,312.

 The government of Brazil has said they will only report the number of new cases and deaths each day.

In Africa, South Africa still has the highest number of cases confirmed with 48,285 having recorded 2,312 new cases yesterday.

46 new deaths were recorded yesterday to bring the total death toll to 998.

Zimbabwe recorded 3 new cases of the virus to bring the total number of cases to 282, with 34 recoveries and 244 cases that are active. 

Statistics in Zambia, Botswana and Lesotho have remained unchanged for the past 3 days. 

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Cape Town Covid-19 vaccine trial comes under fire from activists.

According to News24, a Cape Town trial is investigating whether a common TB vaccine could protect health workers from COVID-19. The trial has been criticised for not paying for masks and gloves for the hospital workers taking part. 

Although some say the study may be a long shot, it could provide science with new information about how the immune system works.

 In May, the Cape Town clinical research organisation TASK began testing whether a TB jab — the Bacille Calmette-GuĂŠrin (BCG) vaccine that is usually given to newborns – could help protect hospital workers such as doctors, nurses, security guards and administration staff against serious Covid-19 disease. 

As part of the 500-person trial in Cape Town’s Tygerberg Hospital, about half of volunteers will receive the shot while the other 50% are given a placebo shot of simple saline solution.

After a year, scientists will compare the two groups to see if cases of Covid-19 were lower or milder in the group that got the BCG shot. TASK hopes to expand the study to ultimately include 2 000 volunteers.  Similar trials are underway in Australia and the Netherlands.

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