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Global Statistics

CountryTotal CasesNew CasesTotal DeathsNew DeathsTotal RecoveredActive CasesTotal Tests
USA2,026,493+19,044113,055+586 773,4801,139,95821,725,064
Brazil710,887+18,92537,312+813 325,602347,973 999,836
Russia476,658 +8,9855,971+112230,688 239,99913,016,023
Spain288,797+16727,136 N/AN/A4,465,338
UK287,399+1,20540,597 +55N/AN/A5,731,576
India 266,598 +8,4427,473+266 129,095129,360 4,774,434 
South Africa50,879 +2,5941,080 +8226,099 23,700943,059
Egypt35,444+1,365 1,271+34 9,37524,798135,000 
Nigeria12,801 +315361+74,040 8,40078,244
Algeria10,265+111 715 +8 6,799 2,751  
Zambia1,200+11110 +3912 278 28,236
Malawi443+5 55 3846,542 
Mozambique433 +9  13130014,580 
Eswatini340+7 2291086,551
Zimbabwe287+5 46 23753,668
Botswana42+2 1 24 17 26,238
Lesotho4   221,515

There are now 7,199,546 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus pandemic that have been reported as there were 107,270 new cases reported yesterday. 3,157 new deaths were recorded to bring the total death toll to 408,737 worldwide. 

USA recorded 19,044 new cases yesterday to bring the total number of confirmed cases in America to 2,026,493. They recorded 586 new deaths to bring the total death toll to 113,055. 

Brazil recorded the highest number of deaths yesterday as they recorded 813 new deaths and their death toll now stands at 37,312. They have the third highest cumulative death toll after the United States of America and the United Kingdom. 

South Africa recorded 2,594 new cases to bring the total number of confirmed cases to 50,879. The death toll in South Africa has surpassed 1000 as they now have 1080 deaths since the outbreak of the pandemic. 

Zambia recorded 111 new cases after 3 days of no change in their statistics. The country also recorded 3 new deaths to bring the total number of deaths to 10.

Zimbabwe recorded 5 new cases of the pandemic to bring the total number of confirmed cases to 287 with 46 recoveries recorded to date and 237 active cases. 

Brazil’s Health Ministry provides cumulative Covid-19 data after criticism

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The ministry on Monday reverted to providing cumulative data on Covid-19 cases and deaths after saying over the weekend that it would no longer provide comprehensive data.

However, the ministry said the methodology and data would only be available on the website on Tuesday. 

On Saturday, an official Covid-19 tracker from the Brazilian Health Ministry began showing only data on new cases and deaths recorded in the past 24 hours, eliminating running cumulative totals of virus deaths and cases that had previously appeared on the same page. The government faced widespread backlash for its decision. CNN

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