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Global Statistics

Country Total Cases New Cases Total Deaths New Deaths Total Recovered Active Cases Total Tests
World 11,386,145 +189,626 533,570 +4,492 6,444,964 4,405,407  
USA 2,935,770 +45,182 132,318 +254 1,260,405 1,543,047 36,953,633
Brazil 1,578,376 +35,035 64,365 +1,111 978,615 535,396 3,330,562
Russia 674,515 +6,632 10,027 +168 446,879 217,609 20,451,110
India 673,904 +24,015 19,279 +610 409,083 245,563 9,540,132
Peru 299,080 +3,481 10,412 +186 189,621 99,047 1,761,910
Africa 466,168 +15,510 11,117 +197 224,808 230,243  
South Africa 187,977 +10,853 3,026 +74 91,227 93,724 1,792,078
Egypt 74,035 +1,324 3,280 +79 20,103 50,652 135,000
Nigeria 28,167 +603 634 +6 11,462 16,071 148,188
Ghana 19,388   117   14,330 4,941 307,133
Algeria 15,500 +430 946 +9 11,181 3,373  
Zambia 1,632   30   1,348 254 56,825
Malawi 1,613 +115 17 +1 317 1,279 16,281
Mozambique 969 +30 7 +1 256 706 32,498
Eswatini 954 +45 13   535 406 11,872
Zimbabwe 698 +73 8 +1 181 509 78,465
Botswana 277   1   29 247 45,440
Lesotho 35       11 24 3,000

On the 4th of July the world recorded one the biggest increases in the number of cases recorded. The highest numbers recorded were from the United States, Brazil and India, according to a daily report. 189,626 new cases were recorded to bring the total number of cases to 11,386,145. The previous WHO record for new cases was 189 077 on June 28. Deaths remained steady at about 5 000 a day.

In America, 45,182 new cases were reported and the total number of cases is now at 2,935,770, the number of deaths rose by 254 to bring the total deaths to 132,318.  Cases are increasing in at least 37 states. Florida reported more than 11,000 new cases in a single day which is a record for the state.

With more than 1.5 million confirmed cases and 64,365deaths, Brazil has the second highest number coronavirus cases and deaths globally after the US. 

Russia’s official death toll from Covid-19 has now reached 10,027, with 168 deaths recorded in the past day, according to Health Ministry figures published on Saturday. This brings the total number of coronavirus cases in the country to 674,515, the third highest in the world after the United States and Brazil.

India recorded 24,015 new coronavirus cases over the previous 24 hours, the country’s highest daily increase since the pandemic began to bring the total to 673,904 with 19,279 deaths. More than 409,083 people have recovered from the illness, with 245,563 active cases remaining.

Africa also recorded a record increase of 15,510 new cases to bring the total number of cases to 466,168; the death toll increased by 197 to bring the total number of deaths to 11,117.

The latest number of confirmed cases in South Africa is 187 977 and 3 026 deaths have been recorded in the country. There have been 91 227 recoveries and 93,724 active cases.

As Covid-19 cases continue to increase in Gauteng, as of 3 July, a total of 2 232 patients are were hospitalised in both private and public facilities in the province. According to the Gauteng provincial coronavirus command council, as of 1 July, there were 644 patients in intensive care units (ICU) or high care units in public and private hospitals in Gauteng.

Nigeria recorded 603 new cases and the total confirmed cases now stands at 28,167. They have the third highest number of cases in Africa. 6 new deaths were recorded to bring the total death toll to 634.

73 new cases were recorded in Zimbabwe to bring the total number of cases to 698. 1 new death was recorded and now the death toll stands at 8. A total of 181 cases have recovered whilst there are 509 active cases.

Fighting Stigma (De-stigmatisation campaign).

In South Africa, mining companies have taken the initiative to collaborate with the government to increase testing capacity.

A number of mining companies have taken the initiative to procure and establish both their own testing capacity (machines, testing kits and reagents, and qualified staff), or to enter into arrangements with private facilities to secure access to increased testing capacity.

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The Mineral Council of South Africa and member companies collaborated to fight stigmatisation of COVID-19 in the mining sector.

Several companies made presentations on how companies have been implementing the various campaigns. 

Exxaro Resources shared examples of the company’s campaign to directly address stigma by focussing on 10 basic truths, and in so doing calling out myths.

The campaign has not only been driven intensely within the company, but also in communities though street pole advertising.

A further component on the campaign has been to use ‘real’ people as part of the initiative, including people with have been ill and recovered.

Seriti Resources shared details of the way in which the company sought to pre-empt any stigmatization of employees who had recovered from COVID-19 when returning to work.
The key messages of this campaign, led by the CEO. This was supported by a range of materials – a brief, posters, meetings, and messaging on the company’s mobile app.

Harmony illustrated how it was dealing with the issue of quarantine, educating people within the company and in the community, what quarantine entailed, why it is necessary.

Harmony’s programme included print material, live reads on radio and active engagement with individuals who were quarantined when they returned to work or as a result of contact tracing.

Gold Fields’ South Deep mine will focus on the mine’s holistic and multi-platform approach to communication and education that encompasses the full life of an employee – at work, at home, in his/her community and while commuting.

South Deep’s programme incorporates myth-busting and the provision of factual information and runs on a number of platforms – briefs, videos, posters, WhatsApp channel and Facebook.

Importantly, it reaches out to and extends into the community, encouraging employees to be ambassadors and educators.

Metal Prices Asia/Europe/NY markets


GOLD 1774.50 1775.50 +4.20 1757.60 1781.00
SILVER 17.92 18.02 -0.08 17.73 18.23
PLATINUM 801.00 811.00 -9.00 798.00 822.00
PALLADIUM 1836.00 1961.00 -15.00 1826.00 1976.00
RHODIUM 5900.00 7900.00 +100.00

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