Home News Covid-19 Vaccine Five Times Cheaper Than PCR Test- Govt.

Covid-19 Vaccine Five Times Cheaper Than PCR Test- Govt.


The government has revealed that they have the capacity to acquire Covid-19 vaccines adding that no one will be left behind in the vaccination programme once the country procures vaccines against the virus.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Nick Mangwana, said the Covid-19 vaccine was five times cheaper than the PCR tests kits that are being distributed nationwide.

“If we have the money for PCR tests which we have rolled out across the country, we surely can afford vaccines.

“Think of it, the vaccine is at least five times cheaper than a PCR test. So, it’s much cheaper for us to mass inoculate than to mass test. We are just waiting on science.

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“Vaccines cost between US$3-9, which gives an average of US$6. A PCR test costs about US$25. It means if we vaccinate the whole population and forgo testing, we will save a lot of money than try to test everyone.

“It also means that immunising all the eligible people makes us attain herd immunity very quickly which allows us to open the economy to full throttle,” he said.

Speaking during the Beating Covid-19 Infections Conference hosted by YAFM and Great Dyke TV yesterday, Lancet Clinical laboratories CEO Dr Charles Muronda said they have no control over reducing the price of the covid 19 testing as this is dictated to by the laws of demand and supply.

“The tests are normally for the sick but people are getting tested more including those who want to travel and as a result the PCR tests are limited.
“We would like the price to go down but the tests are needed worldwide and China is the only major supplier of the equipment hence the huge demand.” he said.


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