Home News Govt Calls For Private Sector To Assist In Vaccine Procurement.

Govt Calls For Private Sector To Assist In Vaccine Procurement.


The government has urged private citizens and the private sector to contribute towards the procurement of Covid-19 vaccines.

According to the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mthuli Ncube, the vaccines purchased by the government will be given to citizens free of charge.

“Following constructive engagements between the Government, private sector and well-wishing citizens, in the procurement of covid-19 vaccines, Government welcomes and appreciates the offer by the private sector to complement Government’s resource commitment by contributing its own resources towards the effort.

“It is in this context that Government is announcing this broader private sector initiative to the corporate sector, citizens and other well-wishers to contribute financially and or otherwise towards the procurement of Covid-19 vaccines.

“It should however be emphasised that ALL Vaccines purchased through the Government of Zimbabwe will be made available to Zimbabwean citizens free of charge,” he said.

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He added that Government fully acknowledges and appreciates the support and co-operation so far received from the private sector and is committed to ensuring that these partnerships are deepened for the national good.

Meanwhile, on Thursday the Finance Minister backtracked on his statement made Wednesday that the coronavirus vaccine will not be free for the country’s citizens.

He had said only health workers and most vulnerable citizens will get free covid-19 vaccine jabs, with ‘private citizens’ paying between $2 and $7.

After being criticized by citizens on social media platforms, he said ,“It has come to my attention that my comments of the payment of the covid-19 vaccine have been taken out of context.
I would like to make it clear that the vaccines that the Government of Zimbabwe is procuring with the support of our international partners and friends, will be made available for free to the citizens of Zimbabwe.”


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