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Diasporans Are Welcome Home:ED


President Emmerson Mnangagwa says Zimbabweans in other countries are welcome to come back home during the lockdown.

Delivering his presidential speech on Zimbabwe’s 40th independence anniversary, President Mnangagwa said all those returning home must observe 14 days of mandatory quarantine.

“We welcome Zimbabweans coming from the diaspora during this lockdown because they are a part of us.

“However, all those returning must observe 14 days of mandatory quarantine, ” he said.

He added that Zimbabweans must be guided by singular purpose and should shun violence.

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“Fellow country men and women, unity, peace, development, and hard work must remain the hallmark of our country.

“Violent disagreements and conflicts should never again be given leeway in our wonderful country.

“Let’s us cherish the enduring legacy and culture of unity and harmony brought to us by the late founding fathers and heroes of our great land.”

Independence Day comes at a time when the country is under a 21-day national lockdown declared by the Government to contain the spread of Covid-19 that has claimed more than 130 000 lives globally while confirmed cases of the virus are almost at 2 million.
In Zimbabwe coronavirus is responsible for three deaths.


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