Home News ED to Tighten Lockdown Restrictions.

ED to Tighten Lockdown Restrictions.


President Emmerson Mnangagwa has revealed that he is likely to impose further lockdown restrictions and measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

Speaking yesterday after receiving a new batch of donations to support the battle against Covid-19 from different organisations , President Mnangagwa said Africa is now under serious attack from Covid-19 hence the need for further restrictions.

“With the surge in the Covid-19 cases, I am likely to impose further restrictions and measures. We think that we are not yet out of the woods. Those who do projections say to us that this is just the beginning. We are yet to see the worst.

“I appeal to our people not to be complacent. We should continue where possible to contribute towards fighting and mitigating against this pandemic.

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“Initially, I declared a national lockdown because I felt as President that we are on a weak platform to deal with the pandemic.

“I felt that the machinery had begun to work to capacitate our systems, I relaxed some of the measures recommended by the World Health Organisation, but now with the surge that is coming around, I am likely to impose further restrictions and measures,” he said.

He added “My belief is that even before the arrival of the pandemic in Zimbabwe, we had problems with the economy.
“It is most critical that we save lives so we can sit around again and discuss about restructuring and reconstruction of our economy.

“So I say this because I think that I have to move with the nation on the need to save lives as a priority and protect the economy as a second priority,” said the President.


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