Home News Education Ministry Drops the Pencil: No Holiday Lessons for Students!

Education Ministry Drops the Pencil: No Holiday Lessons for Students!


In a recent directive issued by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, plans for vacation school sessions during the April holiday period have been quashed for examination classes, including Grade 7, Ordinary, and Advanced level candidates. This decision, communicated by Permanent Secretary Moses Mhike.

The Ministry, in its communique distributed to various educational stakeholders, acknowledged the successful completion of the first term, praising the dedication and hard work of teachers in facilitating uninterrupted learning experiences for students. Despite requests from certain quarters to initiate vacation school programs, the Ministry has opted against granting approval for such activities.

According to the Ministry, the decision was reached after extensive consultations and consideration of the uninterrupted teaching and learning activities during the previous term. As a result, students are encouraged to utilize the holiday break for rest and engage in independent learning endeavors. The Zimbabwe Learning Passport, among other alternative learning strategies, is recommended for student enrichment during this period.

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Provincial Education Directors have been tasked with ensuring strict adherence to this directive across all educational institutions. The decision underscores the Ministry’s commitment to maintaining a balance between academic pursuits and the well-being of students, allowing them the necessary time for relaxation and self-directed study.

All eyes now turn to the forthcoming second term, scheduled to commence on the 7th of May, 2024.


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