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Environmental Guardians: EMA Stresses Rigorous Assessments for Responsible Mining


The Environmental Management Agency (EMA), has emphasized the imperative of conducting thorough environmental assessments prior to implementing any mining activities, emphasizing that such endeavors, irrespective of their location, are designated as prescribed projects.

Speaking to Great Dyke News, EMA public relations and communications officer, Mr Oswald Ndlovu emphasized the critical role of these assessments in evaluating potential environmental impacts and devising strategies to mitigate adverse effects.According to Ndlovu, the assessment process mandated by EMA is designed to scrutinize both the positive and negative ramifications of proposed projects.

He elucidated that in the context of lithium mining, EMA endeavors to develop comprehensive environmental management plans aimed at addressing and alleviating potential detriments, such as soil degradation, water contamination, and air pollution.

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Furthermore, Ndlovu stressed the significance of community engagement throughout the assessment process. He asserted that community members should be afforded ample opportunities to articulate their inquiries and concerns regarding the project, emphasizing the importance of fostering a nuanced understanding of both the benefits and drawbacks within the local populace.

Highlighting a common concern associated with lithium mining, Ndlovu drew attention to the issue of dust pollution and its potential adverse effects on nearby communities. He cautioned residents to remain vigilant about air quality in their vicinity, citing potential respiratory health risks posed by airborne particulate matter.


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