Home News Father-Son Jailed Four Years For Assault.

Father-Son Jailed Four Years For Assault.


A lower Gweru man and his son have been sentenced to 4 years in prison for striking a man with an axe for refusing to withdraw adultery charges from the headman.

Reuben and Nkosiyabo Gumbo appeared before Gweru Magistrate Tavengwa Sangster facing two counts of assault.

According to state papers, the duo will save 3 years behind bars after the suspension of 12 months on condition the two do not that commit a similar offence in the next 5 years.

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“On November 6 last year Reuben and Nkosiyabo Gumbo met complainants David Sibiza and Zibonele Mashobelele who were on their way to Siziba’s farm in Vungu.

“The Gumbos demanded that Mashobelele withdraw the case of adultery against them before the Headman but he refused. Reuben and Nkosiyabo then chased away Sibiza and they severely beat up and struck Mashobelele with an axe on the head.

“Sibiza later came back to help Mashobelele but Rueben and Nkosiyabo also attacked Sibiza and struck him with an axe on the head,” read the court papers.


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