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Former Herdboy Conferred With A Doctorate


Barmlo Investments founder Banabasi Marambire has been conferred with an Honorary Doctorate of
Humane Letters Degree, DHL, from the International Institute of Philanthropy,
IIP, in partnership with the International Women’s University, for being a philanthropist in his community.

In an interview with Great Dyke News 24, Marambire said he felt honored and celebrated the high level of recognition considering where he started from.

“I can only say I see the hand of God at work. This is purely God’s work, from being a struggling orphan, herdboy, worker in the construction industry, to becoming a CEO. I wrote a book now I am being conferred with an honorary doctorate.

“I have ambitions to grow and expand my business. The main idea is to accrue more wealth so that I can keep assisting the under privileged people. I am no longer working for personal consumption but persuing my goal to eradicate poverty,” he said.

Marambire also challenged entrepreneurs around the country to dedicate a certain percentage of their profits to charity for them to be blessed.

“My fellow entrepreneurs should stay focused, never give up but keep updating the game. We are living in a dynamic world.

“Things are changing every time, particularly the digital world. As entrepreneurs we need to adapt to the digital world as quickly as possible.

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“Also I want to challenge entrepreneurs to dedicate a certain percentage of their profits to charity. God bless us so that we may bless others,” he said.

At one point it seems all was lost in Marambire’s life with both of his parents having died when he was at the tender age of thirteen.

From his dream of becoming a medical doctor, Marambire found himself herding cattle and earning a meagre USD$15 a month. Far from allowing the odds to beat him, he demonstrated the transformative power of dreaming and following one’s dream.

Today Marambire owns more than five businesses employing more than 200 people and has been recognised by the Alibaba founder Jack Ma as one of the most outstanding young entrepreneurs in Africa.

Marambire’s story denounces the mainstream thought that failing in school means one will obviously fail in life.

Some of the projects implemented by Marambire last year include Masvingo Orphanage , Mberengwa under privileged people’s home (under Ministry of Public Service Labour and Social Welfare), and Chongogwe Secondary School Furniture donation among others.


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