Former Zimbabwean First Lady, Grace Mugabe, is allegedly sitting on a gold mine of over US$5 billion, according to top economist and former opposition legislator, Eddie Cross.

In an online podcast, Cross claimed to have read an American report which detailed Grace’s accumulation of billions of dollars from diamond and fuel deals in the country.

The Mugabe family has been making headlines recently due to the ongoing divorce battle between Bona Mugabe’s estranged husband, Simba Chikore. Chikore listed an astounding array of properties worth US$58 million, including a whopping 21 farms and over 25 upmarket residential properties valued at more than US$50 million. Even the lavish Dubai Mansion worth approximately US$8 million was thrown into the mix of properties.

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Adding to the drama, the former first lady was previously accused by the Head of Security at the Robert Mugabe International Airport of smuggling diamonds and ivory in the documentary, “Gold Mafia,” by Al Jazeera. However, Cleopas Chidodo, the accuser, later retracted his statement and claimed that his drink had been spiked before the interview.

With all this attention on the Mugabe family, many are left wondering just how much wealth and property they have amassed throughout the years, and what their future holds.


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