Home Mining From Celebration to Crisis: Clifton 15 Mine’s Harrowing Ordeal Unveiled

From Celebration to Crisis: Clifton 15 Mine’s Harrowing Ordeal Unveiled


In a disheartening turn of events, the serene atmosphere that enveloped the awards ceremony held just a couple of months ago at Clifton 15 mine in Vanguard Mberengwa has been shattered.

The mining community, represented by esteemed stakeholders including the Young Miners Foundation and Minex, came together to celebrate the remarkable achievements of this small-scale venture. Among the attendees were prominent figures such as Minex Chairman Munyaradzi Hwengwere and YMF Director Payne Kupfuwa. Their collective voices resonated with admiration for the outstanding work undertaken at this mine, presenting a shining example for others within the industry to follow.

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However, the course of time has taken an unjust and unfortunate turn. Recent reports reveal that the miner and his dedicated staff are now facing a distressing ordeal, besieged by alleged law enforcement officers, local villagers, and even a deputy sheriff. This concerted group has unleashed a spree of vandalism upon the very mine that was once heralded for its achievements.
Reports say they brandish a default court order as their justification, asserting their intention to displace the miner who, over the years, has been a vital contributor to the nation’s gold production.
The aftermath of this wanton vandalism is staggering, with property valued in the thousands of United States Dollars left in ruin. This orchestrated campaign, led by the Zvishavane Deputy Sheriff, has not only wrought havoc upon the miner’s livelihood but has also cast a shadow of fear and uncertainty over the lives of the mine’s diligent workers and their families.

In heart-wrenching conversations with the Great Dyke News, these workers have voiced their profound distress at the prevailing situation. They implore the relevant authorities to intervene promptly, to rectify this grave injustice and to restore a sense of security and normalcy to their lives.

Central to the ongoing Clifton 15 Dispute is the crucial matter of claim ownership, situated within the confines of Clifton Farm, Vanguard Mberengwa. The current proprietor possesses the requisite legal documentation, permitting the mine’s operations to proceed.
This unfolding narrative is one that the Great Dyke News remains committed to pursuing, and shall diligently follow every development as this story continues to unfold.


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