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Government Clears Air On Metal Accounting System


The government has cleared the air on the metal accounting system, following reports that platinum group metals (PGM) producers were under declaring the range of metals produced.

In his speech read on his behalf by a director in the ministry Mr Malcolm Mazemo, the Minister of Mines and Mining Development Winston Chitando said the PGM producers are accounting for all the minerals they are mining.

”I note, for example, current media narrative alleging that platinum group metal (PGM) producers are under declaring the value and the range of metals they produce.

“This narrative has gained currency in the last few months in some mainstream publications and in social media circles and threatens, if it goes unchecked to damage the image and reputation of the miners.

“Let me therefore take this opportunity from the government’s point of view to explain the metal accounting system so that it can be better understood by the media and other stakeholders.

“For each consignment to be exported, PGM miners submit a sample with all minerals produced to a Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ) official who is stationed at the mine. So the information on all metals exported is captured for financial purposes,” he said.

Minister Chitando hailed the organisers of this year’s Mining Media Awards saying the awards underscore the need to for improved understanding and creating of closer relationships  between the media and the mining sector.

“Running under the theme ‘Building Convergence On Mining Value by Media and Miners, the 9th edition of the Mining Media Awards, highlights the need for the mining sector , which is viewed as opaque by journalists to forge close collaboration with the media that will result in removal of discord and promotion of better understanding of the sector.

“The need to build convergence in the narratives between mining companies and the media should be taken seriously as the media has an important facilitatory role in mining development to achieve government’s developmental objectives.

“The media has been at the forefront of creating narratives around mining companies contributions to community and national development, and over the years they have gained some measure of trust and confidence from mining companies.

“There is scope for closer partnership and more transparency by mining companies in respect to access to information. I therefore, would like to encourage mining companies and the media to build more convergence in creating and disseminating narratives in the mining sector in what can only be a mutually beneficial manner,” he said.

The mines minister commended mining companies for the corporate social investments they have made in the community.

“Let me commend mining companies for the investments and interventions they have made in host communities. Through their interventions that go beyond mining, they have invested heavily in health, education, infrastructure development, sanitation and water as well as agriculture.

“A number of mining companies have partnered the Zimbabwe Agricultural Society and the Department of Livestock and Veterinary Services in the shared value Livestock Revitalisation Programme that is transforming cattle herds in local communities.

“On its part, the government is moving inexorably towards the achievement of the US$ 12 billion mining revenue by 2023. Last year we realised US$ 5.2 billion dollars from mining and we are confident of meeting the target on the basis of increasing mining activity and value addition and beneficiation,” he noted.

Minister Chitando commended the media for ably reporting on developments in lithium, gold, coal, platinum, diamonds and other minerals which include the  expansion of Zimplats and Unki Mines, the re-opening of Eureka Gold Mine, Shamva Gold Mine, Rio-Zim Cam and Motor Biox Gold Plant Expansion Project, Radnor Mine, the Sinomine Bikita Minerals Lithium project, and most recently, the ground breaking ceremony of the Dinson Iron and Steel processing plant in Manhize, Chirumhanzu among other mining initiatives.   

Newshawks Bernard Mpofu scooped the prestigious Mining Sector Reporter of the Year award while female journalists, for the first time made a strong showing, winning in four of the eight categories.

The awards were sponsored by Zimasco, Unki , Zimplats , Mimosa, Golden Reef and Chloride.

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  Mining Media Awards 2022 Winners

  1. Gold Sector Best Reporter Award:

Winner Mary Mundeya –NewsHawks

Runner up Stephen Chadenga, Freelance Journalist

  1. Small Scale and Artisanal Miners Best Reporter Award:

Winner Gibson Mhaka –Chronicle

Runner up is Patrick Chitumba of Chronicle

  1. Platinum Sector Best Reporter Award

Winner Bernard Mpofu of The NewsHawks

Runner up is Adelaide Moyo of The Financial Gazette

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Award:

Winner Judith Phiri -The Sunday News

Runner up Patrick Chitumba – Chronicle

  1. Coal and Gas Best Reporter Award:

Winner Kudzanai Gerede -263 chat

Runner up Gibson Mhaka of Chronicle

  1. Diamond Sector Best Reporter Award: 

Winner Bernard Mpofu of Newshawks

Runner up Nathan Guma of NewsHawks

  1. Chrome Sector Best Reporter Award:

Winner Adelaide Moyo- The Financial Gazette

Runner up Bernard Mpofu of NewsHawks

  1. Lithium Sector Best Reporter Award:

Winner Michelle Chifamba – freelance journalist

Runner up Owen Mandovha of ZBC

  1. Overall Mining Sector Reporter of the Year Award:

Winner Bernard Mpofu-Newshawks


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