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Government To Make Policy Interventions on Two Minerals-Chitando


By Rumbidzai Chiriseri

The Minister of Mines and Mining Development Winston Chitando has underscored the importance of policy decision to ensure the right framework to spur growth in the mining sector.

In his address at the launch of the 2020 state of the mining sector report in Harare, Minister Chitando said in line with this thrust government will be making a key policy announcement on two minerals before the year ends.

“The policy framework is very important and what l want to assure you is Government determination to ensure that there is correct frame work for the entire industry and for mineral specific policies to ensure that our industry grows.

“There have been engagements over the past few weeks but l can certainly assure you that in two minerals there will be very specific interventions which will be announced before the end of the year,” he said.

Minister Chitando hailed the good relations between government and the mining sector as this promotes development.

“l must state that l would like to acknowledge the good working relationship between the Government and the Chamber of Mines. It is very important and it is not an us and them approach but, we meet together to ensure that all the stakeholders in the mining industry are working towards the development of the industry, working towards the attainment of the 12 billion milestone which has been set for us”, he said.

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He noted that there are certain policy steps yet to be taken by the Government to ensure that all the capacity in the sector is exploited.

“l would like to recognize that there are some policy interventions which government is still to make, to ensure we gain and utilize all the potential in the industry.

“The growth of the industry is obviously underpinned through exploration, increasing the capacity utilisation of those mining occupations, getting new investment and new mines.

“In the interactions we have had with the Chamber, there are some policy interventions which government has to make, some of them mineral specific to ensure that we take advantage of the potential which the Zimbabwe mining industry has, but also take advantage of the cases of the commodity cycle which is out there”, said the mines minister.

He added that as a nation and an industry, the policy framework as a government should allow the industry to take advantage of the prevailing prices and the ability in the industry.

‘’It is very important that as a country, it is important that as an industry that our policy framework as a government enables the industry to take advantage of the prices that are prevailing, (and) takes advantage of the potential we have’’, he added.