Home Mining Govt Paying Burial Expenses of Ran Mine Volunteer.

Govt Paying Burial Expenses of Ran Mine Volunteer.


The government will provide assistance for the hero rescuer who fell into a Ran Mine tunnel and died in Bindura during the weekend.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Nick Mangwana said a coffin has been supplied, as well as various food items for feeding mourners.

He added that, Nyaradzo has donated tents and mobile toilets for use.

Mashonaland Central Acting Police Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Fidelis Dewhu said 34-year-old Wellington House died on Saturday evening adding that his body was retrieved and taken to Bindura hospital mortuary on Sunday.

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Speaking to Great Dyke News 24, the Civil Protection Unit director Nathan Nkomo says the water in the deep mine shafts is delaying rescue efforts at Ran Mine in Bindura where a shaft collapsed trapping an unverified number of miners estimated to be between thirty or forty people.

He added that the shaft is quite deep and this has brought so many challenges to the team that now has to drain water first for the effort to continue.

A number of miners had been working inside the disused Ran Gold Mine when the ground caved in.

Although the site was officially closed 10 years ago, some workers remained behind to extract residual gold along with other unemployed people who came to work there.


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