Home News Gvt to Quarantine Ex-convicts Separately.

Gvt to Quarantine Ex-convicts Separately.


Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa has revealed that Cabinet yesterday resolved that facilities be identified to separately quarantine ex-convicts and violent persons at quarantine centres.

This comes after four returnees from South Africa, believed to have been recently released from prison, are now quarantined for an unspecified period in remand prison cells after their arrest for theft and violence while at a quarantine centre in Zimbabwe.

The three — Fanuel Mapaiki, Allen Mungai and Tinotenda Chigwande — were arrested for theft and unlawful entry, while Garikai Tawanda was arrested for attempted murder after stabbing another returnee with a pair of scissors.

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South Africa recently released Zimbabwean jailbirds and sent them back home to decongest the prisons, resulting in some dangerous criminals being quarantined together with law-abiding citizens.

She added that nurses will now report for duty every week for three days followed by four days off as the country seeks to ensure minimum exposure for the frontline healthcare staff in view of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The new arrangement will minimise the period of continuous exposure to Covid-19 and at the same time ensuring continuity of service. The arrangement will see the introduction of three shifts as follows: 7am-1pm; 1pm-7pm; and 7pm-7am.
“The successful implementation of this new strategy will be anchored on the provision of additional and consistent transport as well as adequate PPEs for all workers including nurses,” said the Minister.


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