Home Mining Great Dyke Investments Angling for Top Platinum Producer Position.

Great Dyke Investments Angling for Top Platinum Producer Position.


Great Dyke Investments is hoping to be the biggest platinum producer in Zimbabwe with the company officials saying they are expecting to produce an average of 8 million tonnes of platinum ore annually in 12 years’ time.

According to the company’s Chief Operations Officer, Munashe Shava, the mine has a life span of nearly 100 years.

Shava said that the development of the mine in Norton is divided into three phases with the first phase boasting of an initial capacity of producing an average of 4 million tonnes of platinum ore annually.

Shava also said that the company’s ore production can move up to 12 million tonnes annually at full capacity production.

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“GDI phase one will generate 4 million tonnes of ore annually, the Northern part will run at not less than 30 years and the southern part will push to 65-70 years. In about 12 years, the mine will be able to produce 8 million tonnes which can move to 12 million tonnes as time goes on” said Shava.

The company which has the capacity to employ 3500 employees according to Shava is looking forward to employing more people from Norton, as a result, it is building a training centre which will be paying salaries to trainees.

“The first thing we did was to build a training school so that we can employ Norton residents who have the knowledge to run mining machines,” said Shava.


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