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Growing Concerns Over Rapid Rise in Illegal Mining Activities in the Great Dyke Region


Residents living in various parts of the Great Dyke Region are expressing growing concern over the rapid rise in illegal mining activities taking place in the mineral-rich region. According to these residents, the time has come for authorities to take swift and decisive action in order to address this growing problem, which poses a significant threat to the well-being of local communities.

In Kwekwe, residents are reporting that illegal miners are no longer operating under the cover of darkness, but are now brazenly working during daylight hours. Meanwhile, in Mberengwa, residents are expressing fears that road infrastructure may be washed away by the next round of rains due to the deep shafts that have been dug by illegal miners. Similarly, in Zvishavane, residents are concerned that water supply and sewer systems may be irreparably damaged as a result of these illegal activities.

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In response to these growing concerns, the authorities will take action, Mberengwa District Development Coordinator, Vaphias Hlavati, has assured local residents that the authorities are taking the matter seriously and are committed to taking action in order to address this issue once and for all.

The increasing prevalence of illegal mining activities in the Great Region is a cause for serious concern. It is important that authorities take swift action to curb these activities in order to safeguard the well-being of local communities and protect the region’s valuable mineral resources.


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