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Invictus Energy Unveils Gas Find at Muzarabani Prospect, Signaling Zimbabwe’s Entrance into Gas Production

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Invictus Energy has announced a significant gas discovery at the Muzarabani prospect, marking a pivotal moment in Zimbabwe’s journey toward gas production. The revelation, disclosed on the Australia Stock Exchange, confirms the presence of gas through four samples extracted from the Upper Angwa section of the Mukuyu-2 exploration well.Scott Macmillan, MD of Invictus Energy, described the find as a landmark development in the onshore Southern Africa oil and gas industry. The samples, retrieved from depths of up to 2.7km within the well, are undergoing independent assessment in the US to further ascertain the nature of the resource. Concurrently, exploration activities persist at the site to identify additional drilling targets within the basin, a process often involving multiple wells.This breakthrough comes following a decade-long exploration endeavor by Invictus Energy, leveraging data inherited from Mobil’s prior exploration efforts in the area. Mobil’s indications, suggesting a higher probability of gas presence than oil, spurred Invictus’s independent exploration campaign.The government is optimistic about the implications of this gas discovery. Mines Minister Zhemu Soda expressed confidence in its potential to significantly impact Zimbabwe’s economic and social development, foreseeing new opportunities on the horizon.

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