By Tinotendaishe Mawoyo

Jabulani Ndhlovu, known in the music world as Jaybee Sounds, has launched a new gospel reggae single titled “Vimba Muna Yahweh Jah Jah,” which is rapidly gaining traction among reggae enthusiasts, particularly within the Rastafarian community.

Since its release, “Vimba Muna Yahweh Jah Jah” has dominated local radio stations and music distribution platforms, earning widespread acclaim. The song’s immediate impact has prompted media houses to scramble for interviews with the Midlands-based gospel artist, highlighting the song’s influence and popularity. The track, produced by Luther Sekelani of Craftec Studios, is praised for its exceptional arrangement, with Jaybee Sounds attributing his creative success to divine inspiration.

Fans have enthusiastically embraced the rhythmic allure of “Vimba Muna Yahweh Jah Jah,” sharing video clips and participating in challenges that celebrate the song. The single has also extended its reach beyond Zimbabwe, resonating with audiences in South Africa, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia, among other countries, thereby elevating Gweru’s profile in the music industry.

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Born on August 24, 1992, in Gweru, Jabulani Ndhlovu is the youngest of eight siblings. He attended Stanley Primary School, ZIDECO, and Chaplin High School before earning a Bachelor of Music Business, Musicology, and Technology Honours Degree from Midlands State University. Ndhlovu also holds a distinction in the leadership course “Joshua Generation,” a certificate in Biblical Studies, and a Higher Diploma in Pastoral Studies from Harvest House International School of Ministry.

Ndhlovu’s musical journey began in 2008 when he wrote a song for the Harvest House International Midlands choir, which secured third place in the Harvest House Music competitions. In 2022, he released his debut single “Matisimudzira,” produced by Luther Dakah Sekelani.

Beyond his career as a musician, Ndhlovu is also a sound engineer, music composer, arranger, and educator. He is committed to giving back to the community, offering free music lessons to members of Harvest House International Church, supported by his spiritual mentors, Reverend Elton Tirivokunze and Senior Pastor Chido Tirivokunze.

Following the success of “Vimba Muna Yahweh Jah Jah,” Ndhlovu plans to release a full album by the end of the year, further cementing his status in the gospel reggae scene.


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