Home Entertainment Just In: Zizoe Apologises To Mai Titi.

Just In: Zizoe Apologises To Mai Titi.


By Rumbidzai Chiriseri.

Social media went ablaze yesterday following the publicised break up of the comedian, Felistas ‘Mai Titi’ Edwards with the popular Gweru musician, Zizoe Pamyk yesterday. Their break up caused mixed emotions to Mai Titi’s fans.

Apparently Zizoe apologised to Mai Titi about what he said concerning her status adding he was grateful for what she did for him.

”Stay strong and l’m sorry for letting you down and for saying bad things to you.

”Keep on going, l just want to thank you for everything you did in my life. You took me places and did the best for me always, sorry for telling you bad words,” he said.

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Zizoe took the blame for what happened between the two of them, adding that he is not at war with her.

”Hapana chandakaunza muupenyu hwako kunze kwe marwadzo, I always take the blame. I just want my life to be private for a while, so no problem. Zvaitika nhasi zvinotokuendesa mudenga,”he added.

”So you have to stay on top of your game like always. l am not good mukupindurana. So, I will stay quiet, tirimo muma teracce. Wish you all the best and please handisi pahondo asi iwe handikumise kuita zvaunoda isarudzo yako.

”Thanks for mafans ako, for the joy and happiness. This stays within us. Keep the fire burning and don’t let anyone take you down like always,” he said.


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