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Leverage On Networks: Minex Chairman Advises Youths


By Rumbidzai Chiriseri

The Buy Zimbabwe founder and Minex Chairman Munyaradzi Hwengwere has urged young entrepreneurs who have brilliant business ideas but do not have the capital to utilise their networks and make money out of their concepts.

Speaking during the weekly Covid-19 business lessons on GreatDykeTV yesterday, Hwengwere said there is need for the youth to make use of the ecosystem that they have built around themselves to make money.

”So today we are talking about money, money, money, making money makes sense. My young man Jeff Ncube says I’m from Mutoko l have a brilliant idea but l don’t know anybody.”

”He also says a lot of people say confidently that it’s easy to network because they know somebody else. What about if one is from the rural areas and doesn’t know anybody?

“The truth is that business is not easy. We will not be able to give you every solution.

“My advice is that you should talk to them, do not run away from the ecosystem that you have built around yourself,” said Hwengwere.

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He also shared some of his experiences on how he managed to succeed in most of his businesses urging the youth to pursue their dreams.

”Let me give an example way back, l would say in 2004. When l left ZBC, guess what, l also didn’t have capital to start my business.  What l knew is l wanted to start a production house in Zimbabwe.
“l didn’t have the capital to buy the cameras and all the equipment that was required for my business.

”l went to my brother and brother in-law  and l presented an idea. l said l have the competence, the understanding of this business. l have done my homework and l understand the market but l don’t have the capital.

” They said we have the money but we can only give you this money on one condition, we want a regional business.

“If you can guarantee to us that your business will be in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Zambia we will give you the money.

 “l had to open a business, l had to create friends in Zambia. l had to look for somebody else in South Africa so that l can register my business there, and that is how l started my business there,” he said.


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