Home News Met Department Warns Of Heavy Rains, Flash Floods In Midlands.

Met Department Warns Of Heavy Rains, Flash Floods In Midlands.


The Meteorological services department has warned of expected heavy rains in the country beginning this Monday through to Friday.

In a precautionary statement released this yesterday, the department said heavy rains in excess of 50mm are expected in Matabeleland north and south, Masvingo and Midlands which may result in flash flooding.

“These heavy rains may also be accompanied by hail, strong winds, and lightning,” read the statement.

Last month the country experienced violent storms that affected most parts of the country with the Civil Protection Department recording deaths of more than 20 people.

About 543 homesteads were destroyed, a total of 59 schools were damaged and six health institutions were also damaged in the violent storms.

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The Meteorological Services Department warned that by Tuesday, the heavy rains should move to all Mashonaland provinces including Harare and highlighted that there is a likelihood of localised heavier falls in Mashonaland East and northern parts of Manicaland.

“Uprooting of trees, flooding of rivers and streams, as well as damage to infrastructure, is likely with this type of rainfall intensity,” said the Met department.

The rains are expected to ease off by this Friday.

Meanwhile, two young artisanal miners were lucky to be alive after a helicopter from the Airforce of Zimbabwe came to their rescue when they were marooned on an island in Ngezi river yesterday.


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