Home News Just In: Zim Airforce Comes To The Rescue Of Marooned Miners.

Just In: Zim Airforce Comes To The Rescue Of Marooned Miners.


Two young artisanal miners are lucky to be alive after a helicopter from the Airforce of Zimbabwe came to their rescue when they were marooned on an island in Ngezi river.

Speaking to Great Dyke News 24, Beauty Hove of the Mberengwa Miners Association said had it not been for the swift intervention of Tafataona Zhou the local Member of Parliament who called the Airforce of Zimbabwe the two miners would be dead.

“Apparently the two underestimated the flow of the river and opted to walk across Ngezi river. In the middle of the river, they realised that they won’t be able to cross and they opted to look for the nearest island within the river where they spent the whole day since 7 am,” she said.

She said after hearing the story, Mberengwa Miners Association called the local Member of Parliament who then contacted the Airforce of Zimbabwe.

The two shaken miners have since left for their rural areas in Mberengwa for recuperation after being airlifted from the island.

In an interview, with Great Dyke News 24, the Meteorological Services Department said residents in the Midlands should brace for more downpours in the coming days and should follow all precautions handed out by the authorities on thunderstorms and flooding.

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