Home News Respect The Minister’s Vision-Youths in Mining Told.

Respect The Minister’s Vision-Youths in Mining Told.


The Zimbabwe Miners Federation has urged the youth in mining to stop rubbishing senior government officials using social media saying if they have any issues they should report them through proper channels.

This comes after the disgruntled former Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) Mashonaland Central youth chairperson Blessing Togarepi castigated the issuance of Exclusive Prospecting Orders (EPOs) in areas where there is gold and called the Minister of Mines and Mining Development Winston Chitando a traitor who is selling out the ruling party for issuing out the EPOs.

Togarepi said this through various audio messages circulating on social media where he alleged the issuance of EPOs by the Minister is causing national panic.

In an exclusive interview with Great Dyke News 24, the Zimbabwe Miners Federation President Henrietta Rushwaya said as miners they are following Minister Chitando’s vision adding that whatever he says is the government’s position.

“As ZMF we follow government policies and where we have queries, we engage. Rubbishing and labeling senior government officials using any form of media will not solve problems.

“Whatever the minister says is what we are going to implement.

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“The vision of the Minister is the vision that the Zimbabwe Miners Federation is following. We should dovetail our programmes into Minister Chitando’s vision,” she said.

She also urged miners not to be misled by people who have personal agendas that they want to achieve.

“Let us ask whenever we have challenges, currently, we have issues to do with EPOs, there is lots of conflicting information out there but what is the Minister saying about EPOs? Because whatever he says about EPOs, that’s the government’s position.

“Let’s not be hoodwinked by people who have personal agendas that they want to achieve by telling us that EPOs are wrong, who are they to tell us what is right and wrong? Let’s be guided by the Minister.

“If you have any issues, let’s channel them through proper channels so that we speak with one voice and at the end of the day we will never go wrong,” added Rushwaya.

Government, through the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, gazetted about 40 EPOs across the country following applications from prospective foreign and local investors and the mining affairs board made a determination for the issuance of all the EPOs.


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