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Mimosa Charms Parliament Committee


The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence, Home Affairs and Security Services has revealed that it is satisfied with Mimosa’s security systems in as far as the processing and exportation of minerals is concerned.

Speaking to Great Dyke News 24 on the sidelines of the portfolio committee’s fact finding visit on security of minerals at Mimosa today, the committee Chairman Retired Brigadier General Levy Mayihlome said the country needs to benefit from the value of its minerals.

“Zimbabwe needs to benefit from the value of the minerals in it, and we are saying every ounce or gramme of mineral must benefit Zimbabweans.

“Our impression is that Mimosa has a robust security system, and handling and processing of minerals is all monitored fairly well.

“We think that apart from what could happen, after the metals have left the country, there is no room for anyone to pocket and divert the minerals outside the formal systems.

“We still have to see the other mines but what we have seen, Mimosa is doing the best for the country.

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“As Parliamentarians we are satisfied that Mimosa is doing a great job in guaranteeing the security of our minerals as a country from production to exporting the minerals because everything is monitored,” he said.

Mimosa General Manager Steve Ndiyamba said they were satisfied that they were able to demonstrate that they have got robust systems to the parliamentarians.

“As Mimosa we are quite excited, when we get important guests like these honourable MPs coming through to get a key understanding for our processes and practices.

“The major issue has been whether the metal is secured as we send it out of the country and we were able to demonstrate that we have got robust and clear system and procedures that ensures that firstly we know exactly what we are selling outside the country, and more importantly that whatever we sell out is secure starting from the plant as we dispatch minerals for further processing,” he said.

Mimosa is the country’s second largest platinum producer and contributes significantly to the country’s foreign currency earnings.


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