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Mimosa Speaks On Metal Accounting


PGM miner Mimosa says it mines ten metals that are all declared to the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ), Great Dyke News 24 reports.

Addressing journalists during a media tour yesterday, Mimosa General Manager Steve Ndiyamba said they have an MMCZ officer on site who is a qualified metallurgist tasked with monitoring all the processes to ensure that the mine declares all metals being mined.

“As I indicated earlier on, we sell ten metals , not just platinum and every one of those metals is fully accounted for.

“Firstly there is an office here on site for MMCZ, as you know that the MMCZ is responsible for marketing all metals except gold.

“ They have an officer here who is a qualified metallurgist who monitors our processes ,takes his own samples, checks what we are doing and ensures that what we are declaring is what is indeed in our product,” he said.

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He added that the mine has one of the best equipment and a state of the art laboratory and sends mineral samples to South Africa to ensure what they are exporting is fully accounted for.

“We also have a state of art lab. We aim to invest in class. We have some of the best equipment in there. So I am quite confident in our ability to measure all those metals that we sell.

“Having said that, we take samples here of whatever we are selling and we analyse for all those metals. When the material gets to South Africa they also take samples. They send half of the samples back to us so that we can also analyse them.

“ They analyse them and we compare numbers. If we disagree on whatever batch we go to an umpire , a third party to give an opinion. So there are very robust systems that are there to ensure that what we send out is fully accounted for,” he added.

Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe was established under the MMCZ Act of June 1982 and began operations in March 1983, as the exclusive agent for the selling and marketing of all minerals produced in Zimbabwe, except gold and silver.

The Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe is a wholly owned government parastatal which falls under the ambit of the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development.


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