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Minex Introduces Forum Discussions.


Minex, a virtual and physical mining platform has introduced forum discussions on its social media platforms aimed at miners and suppliers of mining equipment.

According to the Minex Public Relations and Communications Executive Moses Charedzera, this is to ensure that the social media groups benefit from discussions with important players in the mining sector to enhance business operations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘”Our Minex social media groups serve an important function for group members. They provide critical information needed for business growth by miners and suppliers in the mining value chain.

“As leaders in information and knowledge management and providers of strategic stakeholder engagement in the extractive sector, Minex strives to ensure our social media groups are hubs for learning, incubating business ideas as well as promoting business growth,” he said.

Charedzera said the discussions will kick off tomorrow at 1700 hrs with Minex hosting the Gwanda Environmental Management Agency’s Environment Manager Sithembisiwe Ndlovu, Kwanele Ndiweni ,
Enviroment Quality Officer and Bhekimpilo Ndlovu Environmental Impact Assessment and Ecosystems Protection Officer.

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Charedzera also said Minex is working to create a virtual family united by ability of group members to talk to each other regularly and find solutions for enhancing business operations.

“The discussion sessions we have introduced also aim to create rapport among group members, to create a real family set up. You know good families are defined by communication, by the ability of family members to chat and converse all the time.

“This bonds the family together and creates enduring relationships. In business such relationships can be harnessed to sustain operations and promote growth,” he added.

Environmental pollution and land degradation remain major problems in Zimbabwe and mostly occur within mining areas with large numbers of artisanal and small scale miners.
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