Home News Baboons Snatching Babies in Zvishavane.

Baboons Snatching Babies in Zvishavane.


By Edify Hove

Residents in Birthday suburb in Zvishavane say they are living in fear with baboons wreaking havoc in their area. The animals are reportedly snatching babies from the backyards of unsuspecting parents.

Residents that spoke to Great Dyke News 24 Reporter Edify Hove said the baboons used to come for food but now they snatch babies too.

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They cited two cases where residents had to chase the baboons to recover the babies who were then taken to hospital.

‘’We thought the baboons wanted food, but now they are now dangerous. They no longer take food only but they are now taking babies. They take babies and chickens in the fowl run. l have a friend whose child was taken by the baboon. The other child was taken to the hospital after being beaten by another baboon. Baboons in this suburb have increased and we do not know what to do,’’ said one resident.

The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, has in the past attributed the human-wildlife conflict to resource competition between growing human and wildlife populations.