Home News Post Covid 19 Victims Immune To Re- Infection?

Post Covid 19 Victims Immune To Re- Infection?


Public Health England research has shown that most people who have had covid-19 are protected from catching it again for at least five months.

Scientists found that past infection was linked to around a 83% lower risk of getting the virus, compared with those who had never had Covid-19, but experts warn some people saying they do catch Covid-19 again – and can infect others.

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Officials stress people should follow the stay-at-home rules – whether or not they have had the virus.

South Africa is currently a covid-19 hot spot in Africa and is the second country to realise a new variant which has plunged the country into a second wave disaster, recording a maximum of 806 deaths within 24 hours, according to statistics recorded last Wednesday.

Zimbabwe is also battling the second wave where it is breaking case and deaths records for covid-19 on a daily basis.


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