Home News Redcliff Revenue Inflows Hit Hard By Covid-19 Fallout.

Redcliff Revenue Inflows Hit Hard By Covid-19 Fallout.


The Redcliff Town Council says its revenue inflows have been hit hard by the covid-19 restrictions with the local authority running a budget deficit of close to $1.3 million in the first quarter of 2020. Redcliff Mayor Clayton Masiyatsva speaks.

The mayor, however, indicated that the local authority managed to see through some key projects within the same period.

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The town council managed to collect ZW$5.2 million from a budgeted $45.9 million, translating to 11 per cent of projected revenue and 22 per cent of the total billing. Expenditures meanwhile reached ZW$9.3 million, as the town`s debt rose from $19.5 million in January to ZW$ 39.2 million.


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