Home Mining Redwing Mine Resumes Operations After Safety-Driven Hiatus

Redwing Mine Resumes Operations After Safety-Driven Hiatus


Redwing Mine has successfully recommenced operations after a two-month hiatus prompted by a cave-in incident in early January that left 15 miners trapped. The reopening comes in the wake of a mandated temporary shutdown by the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, reflecting a crucial emphasis on prioritizing the safety of the workforce.Redwing Mine, a subsidiary of the beleaguered Metallon Corporation, once a titan in Zimbabwe’s gold production landscape, has now overcome the challenges that led to the temporary suspension of activities. The Ministry’s intervention underscores a commitment to rigorous safety evaluations within the mining sector.

Situated on land leased to Betterbrands, owned by prominent businessman Scott Sakupwanya, Redwing Mine’s safety protocols have been under scrutiny. While not directly engaged in mining, Betterbrands plays a facilitating role for artisanal miners sponsored by contracted individuals. This distinctive operational model has ignited conversations about the comprehensive efficacy of safety measures across the entire mining supply chain.

Artisanal Small-Scale Miners (ASM) are notorious for pillar robbing, a reckless practice involving the destruction of underground supports to access visible gold. This hazardous method often results in ground collapse, trapping and endangering those working underground.

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Metallon Corporation, currently operating How Mine at full capacity, has leased its other mines to smaller operators.

Unfortunately, instances of safety protocol neglect by these lessees have led to fatal accidents. Metalon’s ownership includes Mazoe Mine, How Mine, and Redwing, each contributing to the intricate tapestry of Zimbabwe’s mining landscape.


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