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Cabinet Implements Measures to Address Food Security Amid Climate-Induced Drought


In response to the ongoing El Nino-induced drought affecting the nation, the Cabinet has announced a series of measures aimed at ensuring food security for all citizens.

During this week’s Cabinet meeting ministers discussed the urgent need to address the challenges posed by the drought and emphasized the importance of proactive measures to prevent hunger-related fatalities.

Key among the decisions made by Cabinet is the implementation of strategies to boost local food production, particularly in the cultivation of rice and wheat. With an increase in rice consumption observed among citizens, Cabinet has approved plans to allocate more land for rice cultivation to meet growing demand.

Additionally, there is a concerted effort to promote local wheat production, with the goal of substituting wheat for maize to meet national maize requirements.

To support these initiatives and alleviate immediate food shortages, Cabinet has approved several measures:

Approval of the Food Security Outlook Report to March 2025 to aid in winter cereals production planning.

Adoption of a food security strategy focusing on the comparative advantages of wheat for the upcoming winter season.

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Implementation of a monthly consumption allocation of 7.5kg per person for social welfare, to be adjusted to 8.5kg per person after October.

Authorization for the purchase of local grain at an import parity price of US$390 per tonne to address excess local grain supply.

Waiver of duties on the importation of rice and potato seeds.

Importation of Genetically Modified stock feed under strict supervision for milling and distribution.

Introduction of duty-free importation of maize, rice, and cooking oil by households, effective from July 2024.Reactivation of the Grain Mobilization Committee to monitor both private sector and household imports.

These measures are part of the government’s commitment to safeguarding food security and ensuring the well-being of all citizens during challenging climatic conditions. Cabinet urges all stakeholders to collaborate in the implementation of these initiatives to mitigate the impact of the drought and secure a sustainable food supply for the nation.


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