Home Mining Sabi Gold Mine’s Resurgence Fuels Economic Growth and Community Development

Sabi Gold Mine’s Resurgence Fuels Economic Growth and Community Development


The revival of Sabi Gold Mine under the stewardship of Anmack Mining Private Limited has emerged as a beacon of hope for the Midlands province, signaling a renewed era of economic prosperity and social advancement.

Midlands Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Owen Ncube, expressed his admiration for the transformative impact of Anmack Mining’s interventions during a recent tour of the mine.

Minister Ncube commended Anmack Mining for its comprehensive revitalization efforts, which have not only restored essential mining infrastructure but also significantly enhanced production capacity and efficiency.

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The installation of modern equipment, including a primary crusher and upgrades to the mine’s processing facilities, has enabled a substantial increase in ore processing and gold bullion production, heralding a new era of profitability for Sabi Gold Mine.

Beyond economic gains, Minister Ncube highlighted the mine’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, emphasizing its contributions to community development initiatives. Sabi Gold Mine’s investment in healthcare infrastructure, borehole drilling projects, and solar electrification programs reflects a dedication to improving the quality of life for local residents and fostering sustainable growth in surrounding communities.

Furthermore, Minister Ncube applauded Sabi Gold Mine’s adherence to regulatory frameworks and ethical trading practices, particularly its partnership with Fidelity Refiners for gold sales. This transparent approach not only ensures compliance with government policies but also contributes to the formalization of the mining sector and supports regional economic development objectives.


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