Picture Credit: Soccer24

By Obert Sithole

Sheasham football club chairman Reginald Chidawanyika says they are dismayed by the sudden turn of events after the Premier Soccer League reversed the ZIFA First Instance Body’s decision to approve Bata stadium.

FBI had given the club the green light to use Bata stadium. However, after an outcry from many football lovers, the league rescinded the decision.

Chidawanyika said the reversal will disenfranchise their fans. The Construction Boys had only used the venue once hosting Highlanders. However, after the Highlanders game, many football lovers expressed some reservations.

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But the Sheasham chairman did not take kind to the reversal.

“We note the decision or the letter from PSL concerning the use of Bata Stadium. The decision is a classical example that football needs a lot of reconstruction,” said the Sheasham chairman.

“As Construction Boys now the task is to find where we can host our next match with CAPS United and to our supporters and those that are associated with Sheasham fc I urge petience as we digest the letter that we received from PSL.

There is no need to panic because we will respond substantively after we have our meeting as a committee.”


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