A legislator in Zimbabwe’s Parliament has expressed frustration over the prolonged delays in amending the country’s mining legislation, citing its impact on the nation’s laws and development programs. Chegutu West legislator, Dexter Nduna, voiced his concerns during a session in Parliament, questioning the reasons behind the significant delays in amending this crucial legislation.

However, Nduna’s concerns were met with a response from the Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, who accused him of “flogging a dead horse.” Mudenda referred to the adverse report issued by the Parliamentary Legal Committee (PLC) regarding the proposed Mines and Minerals Amendment Bill. The committee raised concerns that the proposed changes to the law were in violation of the constitution, rendering them ultra vires.

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In line with its constitutional mandate of overseeing the executive arm of the government, the PLC conducted thorough deliberations on the Mines and Minerals Amendment Bill between March and May of this year. The committee also corresponded with the minister responsible for the Bill, highlighting the constitutional violations identified by the panel. Ultimately, after careful consideration, the committee unanimously agreed to issue an adverse report concerning the Bill.


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