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Special Profile: CellMed Health Registers Impressive Growth.


By Moses Charedzera

CellMed Health Medical Fund is proudly Zimbabwean, and one of the fastest growing medical aid funds in Zimbabwe.

CellMed was licensed in 2009, and since 2010, it has been offering hassle-free medical solutions at competitive prices. 

The fund’s customer base cuts across various sectors of the economy, which include mining, energy, manufacturing, financial, educational, hospitality, civil society, and small to medium enterprises.

The fund is owned by its members through their contributions and its affairs are presided over by a Board of Trustees comprising representatives from its members and the fund administrator.

CellMed Medical Aid packages have been designed in line with regional standards. Members are assured of getting medical services in any part of the country through their extensive service provider network.

The fund has also established partnerships with medical institutions in India and South Africa, which have grown to become countries of affordable medical treatment. To date, the fund has sent several of its members for treatment in these countries.

The fund has also taken a proactive approach in managing health risks and has partnered with clients to introduce corporate wellness programmes which are presided over by trained medical experts. 

CellMed Health Medical Fund conforms to the highest standard in quality service delivery and conforms to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standard.

This is testimony to the fund’s desire to satisfy customer needs, through continuously improving systems and introducing innovative products based on efficient business processes, well defined measurement systems, best practices and customer surveys.


Conventional Medical Aid Plans

This type of cover is purchased through making a monthly premium contribution into a fund/pool, in exchange for specified medical aid cover. The plan allows for pooling of risk.

Customised Medical Aid Plans

This is a medical aid cover specifically designed to suit members’ requirements. If a member identifies certain requirements outside the norm, a customised cover is designed by CellMed.

Segregated Funds

This is medical aid cover is administered through a fund set aside by the customer on behalf of its employees or members and elected beneficiaries. The funds that are set aside belong to the medical fund and CellMed only act as an administrator. Claims, bonuses, and increased benefits can be paid from the segregated fund.


Favourable Waiting Periods

No waiting periods are applicable for corporates with more than 20 employees. Normal waiting periods apply for SME’s and individual members.

Bereavement Token

CellMed pays a bereavement token which is payable to a member’s beneficiaries upon notification of the death of a registered member.

Baby Benefit

CellMed join in celebrating the arrival of members’ newborn babies who register with the fund through a welcome gift on occasion of the new addition to the hive!

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Access to CellMed’s Healthmate Mobile App

Through the app, members can view account info, transactions, membership status, card requests and claims.

Access to International and Regional Medical Services

CellMed has package options that allow access to regional and international medical services on referral by local specialists.

Wellness Programme and Health risk Management

Their wellness programme assists in reducing the prevalence of illnesses and injuries by focusing on behavioural change to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Chronic Condition Cover

Medical aid cover is available for chronic conditions, subject to declaration and applicable waiting periods.

Card Acceptance

The CellMed card is accepted across a wide network of medical facilities and services in our service provider directory, nationwide.

Covid Cover

CellMed have partnered with healthcare providers to give members access to covid-19 testing, medication, and wellness consultations.

Biometric Membership Enrolment and Electronic Claim Submission

Biometric enrolment allows access to services without a need to produce membership or identity cards.


The community is CellMed’s responsibility, and for this reason, they are deeply embedded into community engagements initiatives outside our membership through which they invest in ensuring a healthier and happier society. Among many cross-cutting initiatives, these are some of their biggest ongoing drives:

CellMed Open Wellness Days 

They focus on educating the public on living healthy and fulfilling lives through free health checks, active sports, consultations and more! Over the years, their Open Wellness Days have become hallmark events for many health enthusiasts.

Public Health Education Radio Programmes

They have sponsored detailed health talks on radio stations which aim to bring awareness on topical community health issues. 

Covid-19 Support 

CellMed are playing their part in the fight against Covid-19 by donating much-needed Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to staff, especially targetting under-funded schools. Through this initiative, they are aiding efforts to curb the spread of the virus.


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