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Supermarkets Well Stocked For Christmas


Buy Zimbabwe has revealed that Zimbabwean supermarkets have enough locally produced stock for the festive season.

Addressing the media in the capital today, Buy Zimbabwe General Manager Alois Burutsa revealed that local products now take 80% of available retail space.

“So far the stocks are very good . Obviously, you’ll find one or two stockouts that is inevitable, it happens all over the world but generally, as Buy Zimbabwe, we are happy with the level of stocking of Zimbabwean products.

“As you are aware, 80% of the retail space is now occupied by local, products which is very good and we are happy about that.

“As we go into the festive season we are assuring Zimbabweans that they will be able to buy Zimbabwean products from the shelves in the retail space. 

Speaking to Great Dyke News 24, a number of shoppers at Pick n Pay Aspindale in Harare said the Buy Zimbabwe Week initiative is good.

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“We are very happy with this initiative, as we were buying in Pick n Pay, we have seen that there is an improvement when it comes to local products, this is good because our products are healthy for our kids, you cant compare South African products with those from Zimbabwe,” said Faith Muchineripi from Mufakose.

“This is a good move by Buy Zimbabwe to promote our local products, honestly Zimbabwe has got talent, and no one is really appreciating it, we have a number of engineers, farmers, electricians, and many more from Zimbabwe who are jobless and by this move, l think its good for job creation.

” They should come to the ghettos where we stay because there is still a lot of negativity towards buying locally produced goods and they need to be educated that by doing so there will be a creation of jobs and wealth for them, thanks to the organisers, said Choice Zirugo from Marimba Park.

“l used to see the Buy Zimbabwe logo on cerevita sachets and other products and l didn’t know what it means, now that l have seen the guys at the roadshow, l now know but this should be done every day not once a year, ” said Stanley Johns from Aspindale Park.

This year the Buy Zimbabwe Week runs from the 21st to the 25th of November 2022. It will focus on four key areas which are crucial to the growth of local value chains. These are creating top-of-mind awareness in consumers on the necessity to buy local goods and services, promoting the Buy Zimbabwe insignia which represents quality local products, aligning the expectations of Buy Zimbabwe with practices of local retailers, and roping in the media to witness first-hand the increase in local production which is hovering around 80 percent.

The participating brands are OK, Pick n Pay, Gain Cash and Carry, Mohamed Mussa Wholesalers, Metro Peech, N Richards, Spar, TV Sales, and Home and Bata Shoe Company Brand ambassadors will also be stationed at the outlets in major cities and towns where they will explain the benefits of buying locally produced goods and help customers identify local brands with the Buy Zimbabwe insignia.


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