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Transport Turmoil: Clash Between Registered Operators and Pirate Taxis Intensifies Amidst ZRP’s Crackdown


By Rutendo Mugadza

In a dramatic twist, registered transport operators find themselves embroiled in a fierce battle against unlicensed pirate taxis, throwing the local transport industry into disarray. These unauthorized taxis, operating without permits or oversight, have emerged as powerful contenders, causing disruptions that have left registered operators struggling to adapt.

The operators, speaking to Great Dyke News, expressed their frustration, highlighting how these rogue taxis not only flout established regulations but also undercut their business by offering cut-rate fares, enticing away potential passengers.

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Adding to the complexity, recent developments reveal that the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is intensifying their crackdown under the operation ‘Tame the Traffic Jungle.’ Over 82,000 arrests have been made, with 2,092 related to vehicles lacking necessary route permits. Furthermore, 25,420 individuals have been apprehended in connection with the infamous ‘mushikashika’ pirate taxis, signaling a proactive stance against this unauthorized mode of transport.

Reckless driving offenses have led to the capture of 420 motorists, while 6,075 individuals have been detained for touting violations. The enforcement drive also resulted in impounding 1,653 vehicles found without proper registration plates.

This clash between registered operators and pirate taxis, set against the backdrop of the ZRP’s vigorous crackdown, paints a compelling narrative of tension and competition within Zimbabwe’s transportation landscape. Stay tuned for further updates as this gripping saga unfolds.


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