Home News Wandigadza Hit Maker Drops New Album.

Wandigadza Hit Maker Drops New Album.


The Wandigadza hitmaker Admire Nago  has released his second album titled Munana wangu.
Speaking to Great Dyke News24, Nago said the album is meant  to send a message of hope to Zimbabwe and the world at large.

Admire Nago, who also happens to be a radio presenter at YA FM, hopes to build a lasting legacy through his passion but more than anything else, his goal is to spread the word of God through music.

“This time l did all 6 tracks alone, l tried to mix a number genres including museve,rhumba,traditional and nigerian to cater for everyone.

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“I saw it important to release the album during lockdown because its a motivational album that gives hope to the nation and the world at large during these difficult times hard time,” he said.
He added that it was not easy for him to produce the album due to pressure from his fans .

“The album consist of songs like dai mauya baba which is calling upon God to come and heal the world against covid-19.
“It was so difficult to produce this album due to pressure from our fans since it was almost two years without an album.
“I would like to thank my producer Olin Anderson for supporting me.
“Also in the Great dyke l would like to thank local Pastors who stood by me and helped with finances to make this album a success, said Nago.


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