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Ya FM: Expanding Horizons, Not Leaving Zvishavane


Ya FM Chairman Munyaradzi Hwengwere has clarified that Zimbabwe’s first regional commercial radio station is not abandoning Zvishavane but is expanding to serve the entirety of Zimbabwe’s Great Dyke, in alignment with its original mission and vision.

Renowned as “the Voice for Miners,” Ya FM has inaugurated a new studio in the Midlands capital, Gweru, and is currently refurbishing its Zvishavane studio. This expansion has led some to speculate that the station is moving away from its roots.

However, in an interview with Great Dyke News this week, Hwengwere emphasized the station’s commitment to the 550 km stretch of the Great Dyke and reiterated Ya FM’s vision of being the voice of this mineral-rich region.

Hwengwere, a communications veteran, underscored that the essence of a media house lies in its voice and message, rather than its broadcasting location. He assured that Ya FM continues to strive to reach every mining community within the Great Dyke to amplify their voices.

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Highlighting the significance of Ya FM`s Premier cycling event the “Nedbank Tour De Great Dyke”, Hwengwere described it as a testament to Ya FM’s dedication to uniting the mineral-rich region and providing it with a voice that reflects its critical role in anchoring Zimbabwe’s economy.

Ya FM, an interactive radio station licensed in March 2015, is based in Zvishavane, Zimbabwe. The media company focuses on the mining ecosystem in Zimbabwe and now operates two studios, one in Zvishavane and another in Gweru.

The Great Dyke, a linear geological feature running nearly north-south through central Zimbabwe, passes just west of the capital, Harare. This formation consists of a series of short, narrow ridges and hills spanning approximately 550 kilometers. The hills increase in height towards the north, reaching up to 460 meters above the Mvurwi Range. The Great Dyke is home to vast ore deposits, including gold, silver, chromium, platinum, nickel, and asbestos.


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