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ZIDAMWU Raises Alarm on Capitalism’s Impact on Miners Amidst Precious Metals Downturn


The Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Minerals Workers Union (ZDAMWU), voiced apprehension regarding the detrimental effects of capitalism on miners’ welfare.In a recent interview with Great Dyke News, Justice Chinhema, the Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Minerals Workers Union (ZDAMWU) highlighted the challenges exacerbated by the global decline in mineral prices, emphasizing the disproportionate burden placed on workers within the mining industry. He underscored a concerning trend where companies reap substantial profits during periods of high mineral prices, yet swiftly resort to laying off workers when prices plummet.

The lack of job security emerged as a pressing issue, with Chinhema highlighting how easily companies can terminate employment contracts in response to fluctuations in mineral prices. This, he argued, reflects a systemic failure to link job creation with beneficiation and value addition, crucial components for Zimbabwe’s economic advancement.

Advocating for a paradigm shift, Chinhema emphasized the imperative of adding value to Zimbabwe’s mineral resources before exportation. He emphasized that the current practice of exporting raw minerals leaves workers vulnerable to economic downturns and susceptible to company layoffs.

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ZIDAMWU called upon the Ministry of Mines to enforce regulations mandating investors in the mining sector to engage in value addition processes. Such measures, Chinhema argued, would not only mitigate the risks faced by workers but also foster economic diversification, reducing dependency on raw mineral exports.

Furthermore, the Union condemned the prevalent culture of unfair and arbitrary contract terminations in the mining industry, highlighting the detrimental impact on workers’ lives and livelihoods. Chinhema urged for reforms to safeguard workers’ rights and ensure fair treatment within the sector.


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