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Zimbabwe Discovers Gas


In a major breakthrough, Zimbabwe has confirmed the discovery of gas in the northern region, courtesy of Invictus Energy Ltd., an Australian-listed company.

Zimbabwe’s Minister of Mines and Mining Development, Soda Zhemu, made an official statement on Thursday 7 December, unveiling the news of a significant gas find.

In a statement the minister he said that, “We believe that this discovery will have a positive impact on the economic and social development of Zimbabwe. Gas will also support the diversification of Zimbabwe’s energy mix, enhance its energy security and create job opportunities for local communities.”

As of now, Invictus Energy Ltd is conducting extra examination and assessment work to decide the size and nature of the gas repositories. The goal of this ongoing evaluation is to devise the most effective strategy for developing these resources.

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Hon Soda undescored that the affirmed disclosure relates to gas alone, and the presence of oil is yet to be confirmed by both the Zimbabwean government and Invictus.

“This gas discovery in Zimbabwe is a significant milestone because it is the first hydrocarbon dating back to the Triassic that has been discovered in Sub-Saharan Africa. The investigation endeavors have yielded four hydrocarbon tests, recuperated to the surface from two separate zones in the Upper Angwa, utilizing the wireline development testing apparatus,” he said.

Both the government of Zimbabwe and Invictus have emphasized that further exploration, tests, and evaluations are still underway to ascertain the presence of oil. The statement assures that Zimbabwe will be kept informed and updated on all developments related to this oil and gas exploration project.


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