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Zimbabwe’s Lithium Industry Charges Forward with Launch of ACNEM Association


The lithium industry in Zimbabwe has taken a significant step forward as several prominent lithium companies have officially established the Association of Chinese New Energy Miners (ACNEM). This association is aimed at fostering better communication between lithium miners and key stakeholders, including the government, while also protecting the interests of its member companies.
Notable entities involved in this initiative include Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe, Sabi Star Mine, Gwanda Lithium, Sinomine Bikita Minerals Spodumene Project, Kamativi Lithium Project, and Global Platinum Resources.
During the official launch ceremony, Mines and Mining Development Minister Zhemu Soda expressed his optimism, noting that Zimbabwe possesses valuable battery minerals such as lithium, graphite, nickel, and cobalt. He emphasized that the development of these resources aligns with the country’s goal of achieving Upper Middle-Income Economy status by 2030.
Minister Soda also acknowledged the pivotal role of Chinese companies in the field of new energy technology. He highlighted the association’s potential to facilitate collaboration between Chinese and Zimbabwean companies, thus advancing Zimbabwe’s new energy sector.
Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Zhou Ding, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing that the association will enhance Zimbabwe’s new energy sector and strengthen cooperation between China and Zimbabwe in the realm of new energy mining. He also encouraged members to uphold corporate social responsibility and work towards sustainable and high-quality development.
ACNEM President, Mr. Wang Zhenhua, emphasized the importance of the association and its potential to position Zimbabwe as a key player in the global new energy industry supply chain. He mentioned that Chinese-funded lithium mining companies are currently the primary players but expressed the association’s commitment to involving various types of lithium mining companies in Zimbabwe to promote common development. Mr. Zhenhua also underscored the importance of expanding businesses, supporting value addition, creating job opportunities, and contributing to the overall growth of the mining industry in Zimbabwe.

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