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Zimbabwe’s Roads: Fewer Accidents, Heightened Vigilance Needed


During Zimbabwe’s Heroes and Defense Forces Day holiday, the nation’s roads witnessed a total of 132 accidents, out of which 12 were fatal, resulting in the loss of 15 lives.
Significantly, this year has seen a decrease in the total number of reported accidents. In 2022, the recorded accidents reached 163, while the current year’s count stands at 132, indicating a reduction of approximately 19%.
However, concerning trends arise when assessing the human impact of these accidents. In 2022, road accidents led to the tragic loss of 29 lives, whereas this year’s reported fatalities have tragically surged to 15—a substantial increase of approximately 214%. Likewise, the number of injuries sustained during the same 2023 period has escalated to 85, in stark contrast to the 29 injuries reported last year—a worrisome surge of approximately 193%.
Amidst these statistics, the Zimbabwe Republic Police underscores the urgent need for heightened road safety awareness. Motorists are earnestly encouraged to practice patience and caution, refraining from risky overtaking maneuvers. The importance of maintaining vehicles in optimal condition also cannot be overstated for overall road safety.
Equally vital is the call for responsible driving behavior, including abstaining from alcohol consumption before taking the wheel.
These figures highlight the pressing need for collective efforts in enhancing road safety. The shared commitment of both authorities and citizens to these principles can contribute to a safer road environment, ultimately reducing accidents and ensuring the well-being of all road users.

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