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Zimbos Go Crazy Over ‘Wadiwa Wepa Moyo’


By Rumbidzai Chiriseri

‘Wadiwa Wepa Moyo’ a local drama series that airs on YouTube has blown up social media after the premiere of its season 1 episode 8 yesterday on the College Central’s channel.

This series is a tale of two boys from the dusty streets of Harare, Tawanda “Man Tawa” and Biko who have a dream of playing for Manchester United in the United Kingdom.

The lead character, Man Tawa is played by Everson Chieza, and Biko played by Dillon Mafukidze.Everything changes when Tawanda falls in love with Nokuthula played by Tadiwa Kimberly Bopoto, a girl of his dreams.

Below are some of the social media comments:

Maxine@Maxyy93· The last few minutes of #wadiwawepamoyo got me shook. What in the name of African parents.

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Man Dyli The Main Actor@IGdylanmunikwa· Y’all acting like Chido didn’t know T1 and Biko first I’m not shocked she snaked #WadiwaWepaMoyo

tafara blessed@Tafara_arafaT· When you have a Biko type of friend, you know your back is always covered #TeamBiko#WadiwaWepaMoyo

Taku Splits@SplitsLoui· I only watched first episode of #WadiwaWepamoyo but with the spoilers tirikutofambirana nevamwe

7458Charity@charity_vimbai· I love the unity that #WadiwaWepaMoyo brings to Zim twitter. Not everyday kungoshaudhana

Concilia @Conciliah
#wadiwawepamoyo is the best production I have seen in Zimbabwe in a decade. This should be the standard for Tv production in Zim. First watched it this last Saturday. Watched all 7 episodes same day.I couldn’t wait for Ep8.


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