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Zimbos React To 2nd Covid-19 Death.


By Rumbidzai Chiriseri.

Zimbabwe has recorded its second COVID-19 death, with a 79-year-old man succumbing to the disease.

The unidentified man, who became the 11th case resides in Bulawayo and had not traveled anywhere outside the country ,he only visited a tourist resort in Hwange between March 14 and 16.

The mass had a lot to say about the way things were conducted on this new case.

Below are some of the comments from social media.

Thandekile Moyo@Mamoxn·Replying to @nickmangwana A sample was collected on the 2nd of April, But only tested on the 7th of April? Why Nick? What exactly is the problem that caused you not to test the sample in time? You only tested 9 on Sunday, 13 yesterday, With at least 19K kits left, Why did you not test? Is it a manpower issue?

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Osbert Kutu@KutuOsbert· Replying to @nickmangwana *positive. You forgot to mention that there is a new death

Tendayi Zinyama@Tendayizinyama· Replying to @nickmangwana Responsible government should start taking its responsibility. Covid 19 pandemic is a deadly pandemic and as such it should be taken with seriousness it deserves. A patient dies on Saturday and nation is informed three days later for the why? No need to hide facts.

Razaro@RazaroInnocent·Replying to @nickmangwana Other countries are testing thousands daily. Why are your numbers low? People not coming for testing? Your government is ill equipped?

john t chiteka@johntchiteka Replying to @nickmangwana Why test only 21 samples per day? Seriously this is translating to about 2 samples per province. Why not roll out mobile COVID 19 testing units like what SA is doing and procure rapid tests for faster results. For me 11 cases for Zim sounds a fallacy.

Takudzwa S Mudzamiri@tsmudzamiri· Replying to @nickmangwana and @larry_moyo Mr Nick , as a nation why can’t we come up with our own plan to tackle this problem rather than COPY & PASTE formula . I think you do agree that we have our own different economy and unique social way of living , Copy and Paste what others are doing is a recipe to disaster.


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