Home News Zinwa Records Increased Inflows in Catchment Areas.

Zinwa Records Increased Inflows in Catchment Areas.


By Fadzai Munodawafa.

The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) says water levels at the country’s major dams have increased following the recent rainfall activity experienced in most parts of the country.

Speaking to Great Dyke News 24′, ZINWA Corporate Communications Officer Tsungirai Shoriwa said some rivers have recorded increased flows resulting in the dam levels within some major catchment areas rising.

The rivers with noted increases in inflows include Save, Dewure, Runde, Pungwe and Odzi among others.

“Water levels in some of the country’s major dams have started improving following the recent rainfall activity being experienced in various parts of the country. As a result of the intensifying rainfall activity, river flows have also started improving leading to a positive change in dam levels”, he said.

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He went on to give details on the average national dam level which has increased by 0.23% to 50% as of the 13th of December 2019 compared to the previous week.

In Masvingo Tugwi Mukosi is now at 38,7% of capacity while Mundi Mataga in the Midlands is at 69,4%. Manjirenji is at 59.4% while Sebakwe is 46.3%. Lake Chivero which supplies Harare is 77.2 % while Mazvikadei in Mashonaland West is at 87.2%.

However, Shoriwa advised ratepayers and other water users to use the available water sparingly until when the dams have fully regained.

“We continue to urge water users across the board to continue using the available water quite sparingly and quite efficiently, we are not yet out of danger,” he added.

Recently, ZINWA appealed to all water users to use the water sparingly as the national dam levels continued to decline, with low rains experienced this year explaining the depressed dam levels.


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