Home News Zunde Ramambo Programme To Support Vulnerable Families.

Zunde Ramambo Programme To Support Vulnerable Families.


By Rumbidzai Chiriseri

The Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement, Dr Anxious Masuka has emphasized on the need to attain food security to support vulnerable families.

Speaking at the launch of the Zunde RaMambo National Programme at Chief Mapanzure’s homestead in Zvishavane on Saturday, Dr Masuka said, ‘’Involving the chiefs in such programmes is the right way to go and further recognizing the traditional role that chiefs play in ensuring food security at community level. ‘’

‘’The government came in ahead of the season to ensure that there is adequate resources so that the chiefs can provide for their families but more importantly so that they can cushion the vulnerable households, ‘’ he said.

Dr Masuka said the Zunde RaMamabo programme is aligned to the Pfumvudza programme for the two to achieve set targets in the agricultural sector.

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‘’This Zunde RaMambo programme dovetails into the Pfumvunza programme. We want that context to be clear so that the leadership in the community is reposed in the chief and the chief leads in terms of food security, so this is in this context,’’ said the minister.

The minister noted that his ministry’s relationship with the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development has improved saying they have resolved past conflicts and they have been working together more closely.

‘’The relationship between mining and agriculture should be very cordial. Unfortunately, in some instances there have been conflicts between mining and agriculture and those are newly resolved. These are our resources, the land and the minerals belonging to Zimbabwe.’’

‘’They should be beneficiated and exploited for the benefit of Zimbabweans, so approached from a holistic perspective there should not be a conflict at all. We are working very closely at all with the ministry of Mines and Mining Development to ensure that agriculture and mining can co-exist,’’ he added.


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